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Sway Development is a business development agency, founded in Montreal.

The services we offer aim to simplify, improve and concretely implement all stages of business development and prospecting for a company ready to grow.

Sway Development is positioned as the extension of your sales team. We implement development methods that have never before been exploited to their full potential by other Quebec agencies.

By outsourcing business development, Sway is able to offer two services completely dedicated to the growth of the client company. Indeed, a first division focuses strictly on business development, i.e., on the search for prospects and future customers, and the second, aims at the creation of B2B (business to business) alliances in order to significantly facilitate the selection , research and the quality of subcontractors for B2B industries.

management team

Laurie Maude Fortin
President & Cofounder
As CEO and Cofounder, Laurie Maude specializes in comprehensive, but above all attentive, support for all her partners. Based on her experiences and the creation of her network of contacts, she spent several years thinking about how the market could innovate in terms of business development, and how her skills could meet this sphere.
Being a developer at heart, she studied at HEC and worked in several spheres of the business world, such as finance, law, real estate investment and tech. This will allow her to develop a large network of contacts across several related sectors. Her greatest measure of effectiveness is therefore found in the success of her clients and her passion, in the services, recommendations or actions that have generated concrete and measurable results.

Her experience in management and business development allows her to inspire change and mobilize to achieve an established vision. Listening, skilled in problem solving and passionate about the business world as well as innovation, she was able to put together a team to bring Sway Development to its full potential.
Huyen Kieu
Vice-President, Creation & Cofounder
Huyen is, without a doubt, the creative spirit of the company. Specialist in branding, design, web design and more, she establishes all the graphic strategies of the company.

Practicing as an architectural designer, she completed her university studies at the IUAV University of Venice as well as at the UCL-LOCI University of Brussels before obtaining an additional master's degree in design at the University of Montreal. In addition to the 5 languages ​​she can speak, she is a real enthusiast of minimalist design and always exploits it to its full potential.

Having completed nearly a hundred projects, Huyen stands out for her enthusiasm for designing with purpose, solving visual problems and achieving results. As Creative Vice President and Co-Founder, she works in collaboration with our team and the client to ensure the delivery of not only the desired products and visual supports, but also a real added value for their company.
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