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Our measure of effectiveness is the success of your business.
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You'll be able to track your company's progress as you go. By valuing transparency, we offer access to a dashboard in order to visualize the evolution of the prospecting carried out in real time.
Make the intangible tangible.

Each dashboard is customized to your needs and can include the number of contacts made via LinkedIn, the number of emails sent during the day, the number of calls made in the last week, and more. Depending on what has been planned with you, meetings, in order to look at the progress and the initial objectives, will be planned from the start of the partnership.

We offer these milestone meetings at least twice a month, but it can also be weekly. You will then have the chance to give us your impressions as well as your expectations, and we will also be able to share with you our various observations on your market, such as the strategic watch carried out.
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Meetings management
We use a proven methodology to schedule qualified appointments for your business. Pitch, portfolios and other tools will be created to support you, in addition to a dedicated team trained on your business.
We all know leaders want to maximize the time their employees spend with solid leads. We also know that an appointment scheduling program is the best path to significantly increasing your revenue and lowering your cost of sales.

Let Sway schedule your next appointments with the real decision maker. We will take care of the transfer of opportunities which may result in meetings in person or via videoconferences.

In order to show you in your best light, Sway will offer you a complete brief on the company to meet as well as its decision maker, in addition to a personalized pitch and a presentation including your services and your assets.
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Personalized prospection
Using the right channels and personalized approaches, just like the experiences we generate with your prospects, are what truly set us apart from the rest.
We will be an extension of your sales team.

We develop an outreach strategy to reach specific decision makers. Our methodology is personalized according to the type of client sought. A plan will be put in place to determine the channels chosen, the frequency of communications and the types of messages to be sent. We create emails, templates and scripts of cold-call or messages via LinkedIn, then train our team on your business.

Our business philosophy is that each of your prospects should feel special, not just one of 100. It is for this reason that we do not advocate automation, but personalization. With our team of professionals, we are able to send hundreds of targeted messages per day, and all in a personalized way.
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CRM & qualified leads
Our analysis of prospects and of your market allows you to save time and money by outsourcing the creation of your list of leads. We give enormous importance to relevant prospects, who correspond to your criteria and your service offer.
Many leaders believe that buying prospect lists is the silver bullet. In reality, you are risking your brand's reputation with a list of unqualified people. We always start with a thorough analysis of the type of customer your business is targeting. Afterwards, we will populate your contact list with the first and last names of the decision makers, their company information, their telephone number and their professional email address. Concretely, this represents the increase in quality contacts on a CRM platform.

All our prospect lists are manually checked to ensure that all criteria have been met with the highest quality data. In addition to finding qualified leads, we also provide nurturing services, or we can enrich your current lead list and insert necessary and up-to-date contact details.
Sway Development is positioned as the extension of your sales team.

The services we offer aim to simplify, improve and concretely implement all stages of business development and prospecting for a company ready to grow.
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