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Start of the project and implementation of follow-ups
When you feel ready to start your project with the agency you met, we will send you the latter's contract for signature and your project can begin.
We will always remain available if any other questions arise. As “head hunter” agencies, we will always be a resource person if a need arises. It is fundamental to Sway that both parties are fully satisfied.

We will therefore continue to do some punctual follow-ups in order to evaluate your progress and to see if things are going as expected.
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After making your choice, we will take your availabilities as well as the ones of the selected agency in order to plan an introductory meeting.
We will be able to brief you further on the selected agency, and will also brief the latter on your behalf. A meeting will then be fixed and Sway will support you during this one.

Note that at this stage, nothing is definite or signed. If for any reason you no longer wish to do business with this particular agency you met, we will simply go back to step 3 and schedule another meeting for you with a new agency.
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The quotes we receive from our various collaborators will be presented to you by us, on average 3 to 5 offers.
We will advise you with those that seem to correspond best to your project, always according to your initial needs and criteria. When you have chosen a specific agency, we will be able to take you to the next step.

However, and with your agreement, if their quote exceeds your budget, we will negotiate it down on your behalf.
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Requests for proposals
At this stage, and based on your previously established needs, we will call on our various B2B contacts and inform them of your needs, all without revealing the name of your company or your project.
For example, if you are a real estate developer with a new project to launch, and you are looking for a marketing agency to create its visual identity, website, sales office, etc. we will get in touch with different agencies respecting your selection criteria, and let them know your general needs. We generally survey 3 to 5 agencies.

These agencies will then send us their service offer to the best of their knowledge. Obviously, no prices will be disclosed between the agencies surveyed, simply for the sake of confidentiality.
sway the way
We start by scheduling a meeting between your company and Sway to fully understand your needs.
Among these, we will look at among others:
- The service you are looking for (marketing, architecture, web, video, etc.)
- Your expected deadlines
- Your budget
- The experience of the subcontractor (new agency, 1-5 years , 5 years and over)
- Any other related requests.
Are you launching a project and looking for subcontractors, but you don't know where to start, or who to trust? Sway bridges the gap between you and your various options.

We offer a FREE “services' hunter” service. We can also help you find the best web, marketing, SEO or architecture agency, depending on your needs, your image, your deadlines, not to mention your budget.
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